Cape Town Cuisine, Only the Best

I can’t talk about Cape Town without talking about the food. It’s out of this world. Actually, even the bus station in Johannesburg had above average food, great samosas, and strong, well-brewed coffee. Basically, everything we ate was amazing whether it was red lattes and frittatas for breakfast, savory South African style mushrooms, Ethiopian lentils with injera, Thai food, baklava, pastries, you name it. You can find any food your heart desires in Cape Town. On Saturday night we found an amazing Thai restaurant that offered plates of sushi for 50% off, meaning we spent an average of 2 US dollars on each plate! I discovered that I actually enjoy sushi; I never liked it before because of the seaweed, but for some reason it worked this time. They even had vegetarian sushi with tempura mushrooms. (And yes, vegetarian – and vegan, for that matter – sushi is still real sushi!)

a typical night on Long Street

On Sunday morning, we found a small breakfast place on Long Street. We had wandered for a long time trying to find a restaurant that was open, but everything was closed up. Maybe all the party-goers were sleeping in? For breakfast, Katt and I both ordered the sweet corn fritters which was so tasty that we ordered another to share. A lot of the food in Gaborone is sort of a no-nonsense affair, so the meals we ate in Cape Town were like ambrosia.

sweet corn fritters with homemade cream cheese, arugula, bacon, mushrooms, and pesto sauce

We found a bar/café on Friday that we returned to on Sunday night after meeting up with a bunch of other international students studying abroad with us at the University of Botswana. I forgot the name of the bar, but they had groovy art, delicious hot chocolate, and a really cool bathroom, which we used as a backdrop to take some shamelessly hipster photos.


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