Published Poem: Dear Blue

This is a bit of a throwback, but here’s a poem of mine that was published in the University of Southern California’s student-run literary magazine Adsum. I wrote this poem for a prompt in a poetry class. The prompt was to write a love/obsession poem to a color. A link to poem on Adsum’s blog is at the bottom. Also, this poem is currently being considered in Narrative Magazine‘s 2013 30 Below Contest Enjoy!

Dear Blue

Blue blue blue,
I’m growing out of you.
For years I was drawn
to your patient handsomeness and reserve, but to be frank,
you’re kind of boring.
Actually, it’s not you – say it with me now –
it’s me
That seven-year-itch, you know?
Green’s been whispering sultry things in my ear,
asking me to paint my room with him and such and such.
I’ve taken to wearing him knitted around my neck.
is a little too fucking chipper for my taste.
But Green, oh boy
Green’s got that je ne sais quoi
working his magic
with that Hunter, Harlequin, Myrtle
Mantis, Mint, and
Green just gets it, you know?
…Or maybe you don’t.
But don’t be so blue, blue
Like I said, it’s me, not you.
One day you’ll find your true compliment
Plenty of painters would just die to have you cozy up in their backgrounds.
They love how you…um, recede. Perfect for mountains and landscapes-
Me? I’ll be in the foreground with Green.
Maybe rubbing shoulders with Red, but Red’s always
giving Green the eye
Dancing some striptease soliloquy on all this soul-mate crap
–Practically Shakespearean.
But I don’t worry about her
Green makes sure
that Orange and Yellow always have their round butts
squeezed between him and Red.
He’s reliable like that.
I’m moving on up, blue
And Green just makes me look so damn good.

Adsum, May 2013


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  1. Ugh, this is really great — I read it aloud and it felt so natural, really aligns with what I’ve been doing lately. Found your blog through Ms. and am so glad for it, great to see someone around my age with the confidence to submit so freely to lit mags. Write on!

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