Published Poem: Serpentine

Like “Dear Blue,” this poem was also published this past May in USC’s student-run literary magazine Adsum (link at the bottom). This poem plays a little game; see if you can spot it!


Shall we, as they say, drop the pretense?
As you know, my name’s got a spin on it.
Tell me, what did I do to deserve the cast of that damning net?
Were you bothered when I wound myself around that dreamlike tree
And told her the fruit was ripe?
Well it was! – And she devoured it down to the fleshy pit
Then somewhere a light flickered on, and made her a creature of esprit!
But they call me names now: sly, sinful, pest
And curse me with their pious spit
All I did was rip the gossamer fabric that is
Paternal rule – if you ask me, the real serpent.

Adsum, May 2013


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