Zanzibar, Here I Come!

Classes are winding down at the University of Botswana, so a bunch of us are taking (what’s supposed to be) the dead week before finals to head northeast to the island of Zanzibar. I’ve never traveled to a predominantly Muslim place before without parents, so I think this will be a good educational/eye-opening experience for me. It’s interesting that Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim while most of Tanzania is Christian. I was bothered by some concerns that other people vocalized when I said I was going to Zanzibar like, “I heard that place is really Muslim. Are you sure it’s safe to go?” and “Be careful; Zanzibar is pretty Islamic.” Of course there are safety issues, but that’s true no matter where in the world you travel, (sadly) especially for women.

Still, I plan to have plenty of fun, do a number of tours including a spice tour, snorkel, and explore the towns. Then after that, it’ll be time to hit the books and study for finals. I’m going to attempt to post every day for NaBloPoMo, but we’ll see how the internet situation turns out.


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