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If you want to talk about backpacking, writing, speculative fiction, activism (or most things, to be honest), or find out what I’m up to in LA, drop me a line.

I’m also on the lookout for fellow Burners in LA. I have a dream of building an Afrofuturism art car and theme camp. So let me know if it’s a shared dream!


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  1. Would you be interested in writing a post on HeForShe and posting it on my website? Whether you are for or against I don’t mind. Your writing is thoughtful and I think your take on things would be a valuable addition. I have some other people posting as well. Some are for, some don’t like feminism but fell strongly that there should be equality, some don’t think equality can be achieved.

    I’m doing the web site all on pro bono, so i wouldn’t be able to pay you for your post. My goal is a gathering of ideals, opinions and beliefs. With this collection I plan on putting as much skill as I can into composing various “messages” of clarity and education, aligning the messages with Emma’s proposals from her speech. That really sounds amazingly complicated doesn’t it? 🙂 But it’s not. It is a lot of work however. I look forward to it.

    If you are interested I would love to hear from you. Saw your piece on the Ms website and read a few things here. You have a good voice.

    • Wow. Thank you, Glenn. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my writing! If you like, I can ask my editor if you can repost my HeForShe piece from Ms. magazine on your blog so it can be part of the dialogue you want to start. But honestly, I don’t think I have anything new to say about HeForShe, especially since the website hasn’t seen any major changes. Let me know if you’d be interested in reposting. Thanks for reaching out!

      – Corinne

      • Definitely . That’s a good article. I can put it in my Guest area. Very cool.

        Well… me and the people working with me arent’ sitting around. I’ve come up with a few awareness programs and I’ve been hard at it for four weeks not. A reporter from the Washington Journal is going to have an interview tonight. I got the Discussion group on FaceBook. The Question is helping develop several education articles I plan an publishing around the web. Calling people, getting into places like About.Me and making requests, and introductions. Very busy.

        the word is that the Women aren’t going to do much until after the first of the year, but that is a mistake. The had a great coming out .. they should hit now and keep moving, but… I’m not leading.. just a follower. Not a patient follower but here I am. 🙂

        Did you get a chance to check out the Question on the front page? That would help us get this project going. If you have the time. I’m willing to be a guest writer on your site if you would like.

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